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Re: orion-list Investigates the 3 Sects, Invests 3 Years, Joins the Pharisees

Moshe Shulman now challenges the veracity of Josephus
because:  "Had he not made claims of being a learned Pharisee
at other times, I would be in total agreement here. Obviously it takes less time to reject something you don't want then to learn about it."

Moshe is reconstructing again, where no reconstruction
is necessary.  I would like him to provide the text that
says Josephus said he was a "learned Pharisee" at the age
of 19, 20 or even 25.  Obviously Josephus makes these statements when he is far more advanced in years.  If he
wants to challenge Josephus on how "learned" he is at that
time, so be it.  No one ever said that Josephus didn't have
an overwhelmingly strong ego.

This approach to invalidating Josephus makes no real sense.
You cannot accuse someone of lacking veracity because "they
just didn't investigate long enough" before making a spiritual
or religious choice as a young man.  It is not Moshe Shulman's perogative to make this determination.

When someone becomes a Catholic priest, they obviously
spend the rest of their life learning about Catholicism - sometimes achieving new levels like Bishop or Archbishop or Cardinal.  I think we understand that theology of any denomination can be extremely complicated and elaborate.
Just ask someone to explain the Trinity!  But no one accuses
a newly confirmed Catholic of not being "a real Catholic"
because they haven't studied long enough to really grasp
Catholic theology.  And to accuse Josephus as not being
a real Essene because he only spent **3 years*** is humorous.

Moshe is not just splitting hairs.  He is pulling the
hair off of other animals, and **then** splitting them.

George Brooks
Tampa, FL

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