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Re: orion-list Investigates the 3 Sects, Invests 3 Years, Joins the Pharisees

	Again, I agree with Al Baumgarten that Seth Schwartz made a useful
contribution to Josephus studies in his learned book. As Prof. B. is well
aware, Steve Mason used his proposed translation of the passage in Life to
argue that Morton Smith, the young Jacob Neusner, and others were wrong in
emphasizing a shift in perspective between War and Antiquities. Steve
Mason, similarly, gave Seth Schwartz's book negative reviews, including in
the on-line ioudaios review (readable I think via 
http://ccat.sas.upenn.edu/ioudaios  then clicking on ioudaios reviews

	To say in other words something I tried to note about Mason's fine JJS
article: for all of Mason's good methodology suggestions on how to be a
better reader of the Life passage, the problems there ain't entirely with
us readers; the problem in part is that Josephus didn't write the passage
very well. Though a reader might reasonably expect Josephus to supply his
pick of best school, or, at least, a declaration that he has reframed the
question (they all have their merits, or the like), what he eventually
gives is his ambivalent alliance with the public business of the Pharisees,
after he returns to the city from his time with Bannus the Obscure.

	If, then, in the late work Life, Josephus makes some tortured nod toward
Pharisee derek eretz, well, then, doesn't Mason somewhat undercut his
insistence that the late works are not appreciably different than War
towards Pharisees?

	In other words--indulging in some speculation-- Mason's JJS article,
though excellent, perhaps is not as effectively damning of the views of
evolution of Josephus of Morton Smith and company as advertized. (?)

Stephen Goranson


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