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Re: orion-list Bannus and Josephus

Albert Baumgarten wrote:
> For those interested in a different interpretation of the diet attributed
> to expelled Essenes, John the Baptist, Bannus, the Maccabees in the hills
> at the time of the revolt and Josephus's priestly captive friends (I think
> that is all), see my article on Ancient Jewish Sectarianism in the Fall
> 1998 issue of Judaism. I don't think it has anything to do with politics
> and all to do with boundary marking against the impurity of the outsider.
> Sometimes that outsider is a "real" non-Jewish source of uncleanness. For
> sectarian Jews that threatening outsider is a non-sectarian "fellow" Jew.
> Al Baumgarten


Could you post the full citation for us?  I'm interested in reading the
article but need to get it by Interlibrary Loan.


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