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Re: orion-list Bannus and Josephus

Doth Prof. Suter protest too much?  All I said was that I wondered
if two posters from two Christian schools had some common idea 
in mind regarding Bannus, since both of these posters also linked
Bannus with John the Baptist.  This is not a statement that is out of
line, nor something that automatically disqualifies their postings.
I was pointing out that while they were considering my views to
be vulnerable to controversy, I was pointing out that perhaps their
refutations are based on something that might be even more 
controversial than I could imagine.

My academic heritage also happens to be Christian in orientation,
with years spent as an Episcopelian, Baptist, Presbyterian, and even
a few years as a spectator of the Church of the Nazarene.  So I 
hardly think there is anything I have said that is "out of line" about
wondering about links between John the Baptist and Bannus that
might be speculated over by other researchers.

George Brooks
Puzzled in Tampa, FL
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