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Re: orion-list The "Doers" Appear Yet Again!

	If I may write something similar to what George J. Brooke of
Manchester posted, please do not assume that I endorse the proposals of
George Brooks of Tampa, even though his latest post offered proposed
support for the etymology of Essenes from 'asah. (The book Esther is a
pecliar place to look for Essenes--the pesharim, for instance, are more
relevant; Josephus did not write of "Banus the Essene"; etc.)

	That "Essenes" ultimately came from Hebrew 'asah, if I may repeat,
was not first proposed by me, but earlier by several, including before the
Qumran texts confirmed it. For one example, H.M.J. Loewe in 1929 in
"Essenes" in the Encyclopedia Britanica (14th ed.) listed it among the
possible sources. Incidently, in the same volume, the article "Etymology"
noted the particular interest of Stoics in etymology, which is relevant to
study of history of Essenes, including those at Qumran, because some of the
early sources used by early writers on Essenes, in my view, were Stoic.

best wishes,
Stephen Goranson

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