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orion-list Pseudepigrapha Bibliography: Call for Citations

Dear Colleagues,

I am currently compiling a comprehensive Bibliography of the
Pseudepigrapha, 1850-1999, which will be published this year in the
_Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha_ Supplement Series of
Sheffield Academic Press. J.H. Charlesworth will compose a preface to the

Every text that appears in Charlesworth's _Old Testament Pseudepigrapha_
is addressed in my work. The bibliography for each text (= a "section") is
presented in a highly structured format that identifies editions (by
version), the translations, the secondary studies, and so on. In addition
to the sections on Charlesworth's texts, I include sections or
sub-sections on i) many of the other Adam, Baruch, Daniel, Elijah,
Ezekiel, and Moses pseudepigrapha from Qumran to the early mediaeval and
Byzantine periods; ii) 11QPs(a) and other texts containing non-Masoretic
psalms; iii) the/a book of Noah; iv) the book of Elchasai; v) the oracles
of Hystaspes and the Potter; vi) Sefer Zerubbabel and other late Hebrew
apocalypses; vii) the Cave of Treasures; and viii) special themes like the
genre Testament in antiquity, the genre Romance in antiquity, the Jews in
Ptolemaic Egypt, Martyrdom in early Judaism and Christianity, Sibyls in
the classical and early Christian world, and the Second-Temple calendar.

The bibliography is nearly complete, and many of the sections have been
reviewed by referees. One of the remaining tasks is to ensure that
recently-published scholarship is listed, especially those works that are
dated 1999 but will not appear in print until 2000 or later. 

Accordingly, I ask scholars who have

1. published academic work on any of the aforementioned texts or themes in
1999 (especially if the work is still forthcoming); or

2. published work in the late 1990's in sources that may difficult to
locate outside North America or Western Europe; or

3. published work in the late 1990's in sources not normally indexed in
the standard abstracts and reviews of research

to contact me privately by e-mail or post with the full bibliographic
details of their work. In this way I will be able to verify that all the
important recent scholarship is appropriately listed. If not immediately
evident in the title, please specify which text or theme is addressed in
the work and whether it presents an edition or translation of all or part
of a text (and the version, if appropriate). Notice of unpublished
doctoral dissertations is also welcome.

I very much look forward to your reply. I am also willing to answer
privately any questions regarding the details of the project.


Lorenzo DiTommaso 

Lorenzo DiTommaso
Department of Religious Studies
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada   L8S 4K1

For private reply, e-mail to Lorenzo DiTommaso <ditomml@mcmail.cis.McMaster.CA>
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