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Re: orion-list Greek; maps; wicked priest

> Date:          Sat, 22 Jan 2000 07:54:26 -0500
> To:            orion@mscc.huji.ac.il
> From:          Stephen Goranson <goranson@duke.edu>
> Subject:       orion-list Greek; maps; wicked priest
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> 	2) Two interesting maps, perhaps somewhat useful for helping locate
> the "land of Damascus" the house of exile in the midbar east of the Jordan
> and north of Judaea.
> 	Only recently I located an article, which argues that M. Agrippa
> was especially important as a source for Pliny's Natural History book 5.
> Otto Cuntz, "Agrippa und Augustus als Quellenschriftsteller des Plinius..."
> pp.473-527 + 3 maps in Jahrbucher fur classische Philologie (Leipzig)
> suppl. 17, 1890. The map "Syria nach Agrippa" interestingly has 3 parts to
> the province of Syria, Coele, Syria, and Phoenicia, with the city of
> Damascus in the latter.
> 	That map may be too late though for the flight to Damascus. If
> Jannaeus was the Qumran "wicked priest" more useful may be the maps in M.
> Stern, "Judaea and her Neighbors in the Days of Alexander Jannaeus," ET
> from Cathedra in Jerusalem Cathedra v.1 (1981) 22-46.

Thanks for the references.  My one question, pending putting my hands 
on the material, is how the map manages to locate Damascus in 

David Suter
Saint Martin's College

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