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orion-list The Term "JEW" - Increasing use of term in 1st Century BCE?

Spending a little time to relax, I was reading the book
"The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered" (by Robert Eisenman and
Michael Wise, (c) 1992, Element Books).  I've read through
it before, but I was re-checking a detail or two.  This time I took
special note of P. 231.  Regarding a general discussion of the
importance of the term "glory" in the Baptismal Hymn (4Q414),
I was struck by one particular sentence:

Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered, Eisenman & Wise, 1992, Chapter 7
(p. 231):
"There is also an interesting allusion to a 'Jewish woman', which
parallels the reference to 'a Jewish man' in the calendrical texts,
and shows the extent to which the usage 'Jew' had already taken
hold in Palestine in the first century BC ..."

Is there someone who can comment on what other terms were
more frequently used before the 1st century BCE?  Considering the
casual comment by Wise & Eisenman, it would seem that the use
of the term 'Jew' and the rise of the Essenes is not a coincidence.

George Brooks
Tampa, FL

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