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orion-list APA Lt Antiq panel (iterum) (Forward From risa@mail.hol.gr)

I am forwarding this announcement as this conference may be of
interest to members of Orion and Ioudaios-l.



American Philological Association: San Diego, January 2001

COLLOQUIUM ON LATE ANTIQUITY: Voyages Real and Imagined in Late Antiquity
Organizers: James A. Francis, University of Kentucky and Carlos R.
GalvĈo-Sobrinho, Yale University and Unicamp, Brazil

Late antiquity was not only a time of transition, it was also a world of
movement.  Seldom in antiquity do we find such restlessness   Everywhere we
turn we see people journeying, migrating, setting out to and coming back
from remote lands and locales of imagination.  Seldom, however, do we frame
the period in such terms. The barbarian migrations, and the further
dislocations they engendered, are but the most spectacular journeys of the
period.  Further consideration reveals bishops wearing down the roads
travelling to and from councils, monks flocking to the desert, and the
advent of religious pilgrimage.  Peasants migrate; slaves run away.  In
literature, novels and lives weave intricate plots of exotic voyages,
heroic journeys,  and searches for lost loves that encompass the known
world.   Nor is this phenomenon limited to physical travel.  Metaphors of
movement dominate consideration of the soul and the divine: ascent,
descent, emanation, transmigration, and conversion to name but a few.
Indeed, the very reading and writing of texts can itself be seen as a

The organizers of this panel invite papers which probe various
manifestations and meanings of travel and movement, physical, fictional,
and spiritual, in Late Antiquity.  We seek to explore what insights might
be gained by viewing Late Antiquity as an "age of movement" or "age in
motion," and perhaps adjust or refine our impressions of the period.
Examples of topics that would suit this panel include: Roman roads and the
imperial post, anachoresis, travelogues, the ascent of the soul, Gnostic
cosmology, accounts of conversion experiences, Neoplatonic anthropology,
travel as a motif in ancient fiction, logistics, and utopian conceptions.
Papers with an interdisciplinary interest or method are particularly
        The panel is part of the APA three-year colloquium on Late
Antiquity chaired by Dennis Trout.  The panel organizers are James A.
Francis (Honors Program, 1153 Patterson Office Tower, University of
Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506-0027, jafran1@pop.uky.edu) and Carlos R.
GalvĈo-Sobrinho (Departmento de Hist˘ria, IFCH, Unicamp, Campinas, SP
13081-970, Brazil, sobcarr@obelix.unicamp.br)  Abstracts of no more than
500 words should be sent by February 1, 2000 preferably to both organizers
via email.  If necessary, abstracts may be mailed to James Francis at the
address listed or faxed to him at 606-257-3743  All submissions will be
judged anonymously by a panel of referees.

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