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orion-list Let it drop

Stephen Goranson and Greg Doudna-- time to get out of the sandbox. A
25-year-old paper is about as relevant as a gr. 3 report card. 


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On Mon, 10 Jan 2000, Greg Doudna wrote:

> In his post on 63 BCE S. Goranson wrote:
> > 	While searching for something else on the web, which, to
> > understate, includes some unreliable info, I saw an essay quoted, said to
> > be by Greg Doudna, titled "Showdown at Big Sandy," which was said to no
> > longer represent the author's views. It concerns interpretations in Bible
> > prophecy of Ephraim and Manasseh:
> > 
> I knew this skeleton in my closet would come out at some point!
> I was a student 1972-75 at an unaccredited, fundamentalist Bible
> college in east Texas (Ambassador College, Big Sandy, Texas).

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