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Re: Copper Scroll (was Re: orion-list Essenes, Zias article, etc.

Dear Robert Leonard,

    Thanks for yet another fascinating and informative posting.  Your 
clarification of the Hebrew underlying the translations of Colonnades and 
Portico I found especially useful.
>  ...Certainly the situation in 76 B.C.E. was much different from the 
>  slaughter and enslavement of the First Revolt, which left so many hoards 
>  unrecovered.  But even when the hoarder survives, many hoards cannot be 
>  located later.  Leo Kadman gives two examples in his paper on Jewish coin 
>  hoards, and even Pepys was unable to recover all the money he buried in 
>  garden a few weeks later.  J. Frank Dobie, in Coronado's Children, 
>  many anecdotes of lost mines and buried treasure.  We would expect to find 
>  some hoards from 76 B.C.E., and no doubt they include these copper hoards. 
>  While it is certainly possible that the entire treasure of the Copper 
>  was recoverd under Aristobulus II (from the second copy), this seems 
> unlikely to me.

    I think you've advanced the best argument I've seen to date for a late 
context for the Copper Scroll.  I personally don't think it outweighs the 
older geographical placenames (some of which appear to be associated with 
fortresses the exiles of 76 were posted to).  Nevertheless, your comments 
about coin hoards gives one pause for thought.

    Best regards,
    Russell Gmirkin
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