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Re: orion-list A Theory of Qumran Theories...

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>> I think David Suter's implication that I want people to write "historical
>> fiction" is
>> just a tad much.  I could write in defense forever, but I can see too
>> many
>> wince with this thought.  Prof. Suter, I can take a joke as well as
>> anyone, but I
>> don't want  people to think I am looking for historical fiction.
>In looking at scholarship on the scrolls at present, several different
>approaches strike me as promising:  among them Schiffman's connection

I very much like Schiffman's work. He takes an obvious POV: The people who
wrote the DSS were a part of Judaism, and so that is where we should look
to gain an understanding of them and what they believed/practiced.

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