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Re: orion-list A Theory of Qumran Theories...

Dear Prof. Suter:

I guess we can see what each of us are talking about.
Don't get me wrong about Greg's position on the 63 BCE
as the most recent date of all the deposits.  I am not saying
he is wrong.  I'm just saying that there is an awful lot to be
looking at that doesn't really have a thing to do with the 
63 BCE cut-off date (since anything that was written long
before that date could still be copied and/or deposited up
to the 63 BCE date.

And I think you know what I mean by attacking someone's
scenario without coming up with at least a "nod" of a replacement
scenario.  I too apologize for being too cavalier with the feelings
of professional academics.  I obviously did not want to put all
academics into a single category.

George Brooks
Tampa, FL
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