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orion-list Russell Gmyrkin's War Scroll Re-Visited

I have been studying Russell Gmyrken's "Historical Allusions in the War
(his email is RGmyrken@aol.com).

In the article he does a pretty compelling job of showing that the
War Scroll is probably composed of part history and part
prophecy, all dressed up as the prophecy of some earlier

While within the article he courageously (my hats off to him) provides
a candidate for the Teacher of Righteousness (which I'm sure has
any number of lurkers on Orion), I think he does a splendid job of
"virtually" proving that the War Scroll was written in the midst of
the Maccabeean conflict about conducting war against Israel's enemies.
He further shows that the document has obvious literary connections with
other sectarian (i.e., DSS community).  Thus, ipso facto, the Maccabeeans
were, for a time anyway, identified with the DSS community.

Anyone who wants to get a copy of this very important and very convincing
document (with acknowledged allowances for some further contemplation
on who the Teacher of Righteousness was) would, no doubt, be treated well
by Russell.  If he is unavailable to send you one, perhaps he would not
mind my sending out copies of his already published work?

Really nice thinking, Russell!  I wish I had thought to ask you for a
copy of
your article a year ago.  Those who are distinctly opposed to your views
obviously going to have to come up with an equally compelling "painting"
or composition of ideas to assert their own ideas while minimizing yours.

George Brooks
Tampa, FL

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