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SV: orion-list 63 BCE (answer to George Brooks)

G. Brooks gently chastises me:

> There seems to be lots of "dancing" in the academic world
> of Qumran study.  I guess there is a strong hesitancy to become
> too closely linked to an idea that can be quickly dismantled or
> proved wrong.
> But simply saying ...
> "... but it is also appealing to link the "yachad" to the Sadducees" ....
> is hardly going to set the world on its heels, if not followed by some
> interesting details.
That is one interpretation of what you call "dancing".  Another
is a reluctance not to make statements when we don't know what we're
talking about.  Despite the best of intentions, I know I and others err
on the side of saying too much, not too little, about these things.  I could
substitute a simpler string of words to you for my post yesterday which you 
found dissatisfying: "I don't know".  Perhaps that would have been simpler 
and not have given the impression of "dancing".  (I don't like

Greg Doudna

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