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orion-list RE: orion-digest V99 #208

George Brooks said:

>>Both Josephus and Hippolytus speak of a highly hierarchical, rank
oriented organization with annual promotions and demotions, and strict
punishment for the mildest infractions.  The whole tone of **both**
presentations is one of an organization that considered their lifestyle a
life-and-death matter.  This is **not** typical of a group that is merely
pursuing spiritual enlightenment.  It is a war-like inclination towards
discipline, punishment and strictly obeying orders.  If they weren't a
group of covert warriors, they were ready to be at a moment's notice....
(each with a copy of the War Scroll under their pillow?).<<

The concept that the DSS sect was dedicated to training future military
leaders has crossed mind before. As you note, the highly regimented
structure suggests this. I am not so sure how to interpret any regulations
the scrolls contain regarding women, due to the cemetery controversies.

However, one issue I would like to bring up is this: Is there evidence for
the presence of military hardware at Khirbet Qumran? I have heard about
Roman arrow heads, which could have found their way there either in the
summers of 68 or 69 CE, or the Ben Kosiba rebellion, but nothing about
swords or knives. I do not have the relevant issues of DDJ available to
check the archeological record, but I think it would be mighty difficult
(although not impossible) to train in tactics without at least mock
weapons, etc., at hand. Is there any evidence?


Dave Hindley
Cleveland, Ohio, USA

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