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orion-list King Midas Iron Age Tomb found

Reported to day, intact from 700 BCE...neighbor land...

>From agence france presse and today's _Nature_

(my summary)

Phyrgia had a long contact with Egypt.  Midas, its king
is well known.

Today's _nature_ has a full story about finding his tomb,
so intact the smell of unwashed dishes from the feast 
held in the tomb at his funeral wafted out when it was
opened by a team from the university of Penssylvania

Midas died c. 700 BC.  The tomb, made of wood, is the oldest
intact wooden structure to survive from antiquity.  Timber
bracings built in some the pyramids are older but they are
not wholly wood structures.  

The team, headed by Patrick McGovern of the University of
Pennsylvania's Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in 
Philadelphia, now have published the results.  

The food remains alone are an article in itself, traces of
the _krykeon_, a fermented beverage named in Homer, being

Tom Simms

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