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Re: orion-list Philo

Dear Stephen Goranson,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on "Every Good Man is Free".  I will 
certainly let the list know where my article will appear when the time comes. 
 If you would care to informally take part in the peer review process, 
perhaps you could be more specific as to the objections you perceive, i.e. 
amplify your comment that "time and space considerations, among other things, 
exclude your proposal" (privately if you prefer).  In the meantime, I will 
try to track down the bibliographic references you have already cited - the 
holidays have somewhat hampered my efforts there.  
    I followed you as far as Pliny, but you lost me on Shakespeare and 
Charlie Brown.  I think the motive for departing the cities is indicated by 
Philo's pregnant reference to "turmoils and disturbances innumerable" in even 
the best of cities (Contemplative Life 19), which suggests to the astute 
reader the question, to what disturbances does Philo refer or have in mind?
    I'm sorry to hear about your illness.   I hope it's not serious.

    Russell Gmirkin

> Dear Russell Gmirkin,
>   Please do what you announced and send your proposals about "Every
>  Good Man Is Free" to a peer-reviewed scholarly journal. If the readers
>  accept it please let us know where it will appear. If the readers reject it
>  with comments, which, in my opinion, are not far to seek--for example, that
>  time and space considerations, among other things, exclude your
>  proposal--please consider their observations, which, perhaps, you could
>  share with Gregory Douda, whose latest announcement, I suggest, is
>  premature.
>   People move and make life changes for lots of reasons besides
>  Flaccus. As Pliny's text says. As Shakespeare's text on commodity says. As
>  Gary Larsen and Charlie Brown maybe say somewhere. I'm too ill to look it
>  up now.
>   Peacefulness and pacifism differ, at least in some definitions.
>  Peace,
>  Stephen Goranson

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