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RE: orion-list Pacifism of Essenes deconstructed

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From: George Brooks
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Subject: Re: orion-list Pacifism of Essenes deconstructed

In David Suter's comments, we see a way of finding a PEACEFUL
outlet for those Essenes who take their "love their neighbor"
MORE seriously than the constitutional documents required of them.

According to their own community rules, "civil disobedience" would
only be an option, and so would more vigorous and violent actions.
Again, this would explain Hippolytus's analysis that the Essenes
broke up into a number of factions (while ALL still being considered
Essenes), and that some of these factions were VERY violent.

I have no notion that the people described as practicing what might be
called nonviolence in the passages I mentioned are Essenes.  One of the
incidents sometimes mentioned in connection with the events I mentioned
involves Pharisees.  I would also be careful about turning them into
Gandhian satyagrahis.

David Suter
Saint Martin's College
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