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Re: orion-list Evolution of the Sadducees and Pharisees? - RE: 4Q448

George, The "Blood thicker than water" thing keeps coming to light. It
seems that though the different factions seemed to hate one another
(enough to write it down in some cases) as groups, the individuals of
those groups were not so strict. Even  members of the Sanhedrin were not
against Jesus and some chose to befriend him as well as warn him that his
life was in danger. In most Groups or Sects this would be considered
treason. There seems to be much happening behind the DSS that we may
never know, such as private meetings between individuals of the different
Sects to try and resolve some of those differences. This same type of
ambassadorship is being carried out today in our own time. It makes sense
that the people of the Scrolls and their contemporaries would have done
the same thing: (ie, Nicodemus talks in secret with  Jesus, John the
Baptist sends a delegation to Jesus, the Sanhedrin sends some Priests to
speak with John the Baptist). The Wicked Priest went after The Teacher of
Righteousness, but surely not before there was some type of communication
between them because they both knew  each other. I don't know if this
will help you but it keeps nagging at me. I can't help but think that
people of the same bloodline would put their differences aside at a time
when all their lives depended on it.  And it was Caiaphas who gave
counsel to the "Jews",  that it was expedient that one man should die for
the "people".     Peace,   Henry Parker   
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