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Re: orion-list 4Q448

	The reasons some scholars (Skehan; Flusser in Stone, Jewish
Writings of the Second Temple Period; M. Delcor in RQ 1; S. Pigue in ABD
5.537; Strugnell in HTR 1966; Charlesworth in OTP...) suggested or
concluded that Psalm 154 was Essene or proto-Essene are numerous.

	The use of the Hebrew Hasidim in Qumran texts (cf. e.g. Flusser) is
no more than one might expect of a group using the Hebrew Bible (not 1,2
Maccabees). The use of 'osey hatorah and related uses of 'asah (e.g. serek
hayahad's oath to do torah and members judged on deeds of torah [cf. yxd in
Ps 154]) is extraordinary.

	For those who wish to consider arguments that 4Q448 B&C condemns as
wicked Alexander Jannaeus, see: D. Harrington & J. Strugnell in JBL 1993;
E. Main, "For King Jonathan or Against? The Use of the Bible in 4Q448,"
Biblical Perspectives: Early Use and Interpretation of the Bible in Light
of the DSS (ed. M. Stone and E. Chazon; Leiden: Brill 1998) 113-35; A.
Lemaire, "Le Roi Jonathan a Qoumran (4Q448, B-C)," in Qoumran et les
manuscrits de la mer Morte: un cinquantenaire (ed. E.-M. Laperrousaz;
Paris: Cerf, 1997) 57-70.

Stephen Goranson

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