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orion-list bad mistake

well, i did it again.  i ordered the dead sea scrolls study edition from
eisenbrauns when it was announced (last year) and then when i remembered
hearing about it i ordered it again from dove (forgetting that i had already
ordered it)

yes im an idiot.

a forgetful one at that.

now i am not capable of returning a book.  its against my religion.  so-
does anyone want the extra?  i have not even opened the box cuz i know whats
in it.

i have already paid for them... and am in the giving mood (for someone who
needs them and cannot buy them readily-- you rich prof types at major
universities need not respond... :-)   )

so- who wants em?  (US citizens only please--- i have had bad luck sending
things overseas).

first come and all that rot...



Jim West, ThD

"This is the sort of nonsense up with which I will not put."  Winston Churchill

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