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orion-list admin: moderator back, sort of

I am back but not yet officially "at work" because I've been told that I
have to take another week off. So I shall be following the list from home
but anything involving the web site will have to wait until Dec. 26,
*unless* it is urgent, since I have to work from home by modem and I'm not
reimbursed for the time or phone calls while taking sick days.

I have a couple requests.

Please do not play "list mom." If you sense that the thread is wandering
too far afield or off-topic, please write to me privately. 

Second, please try to consolidate postings. I understand that this may not
be feasible if a rapid exchange of postings takes place but if you are
replying to five different threads, then edit the quoted messages heavily
and try to compose a single reply. Also, remember to change the subject
field so that it reflects the content of your message. This saves me a lot
of time and disk space, since I compose the archives by hand. (I know that
there is software that will do this automatically but I have my reasons for
doing it manually.)


Shabbat shalom and have a nice weekend.


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