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SV: orion-list 4Q448

Stephen Goranson: Despite efforts, I have been unable to obtain 
the E. Main article and therefore have not seen it.  (The article is
not in the library here and my requests have been unsuccessful
in obtaining the article through interlibrary loan.)  Nothing in 
Christophe Batsch's description of the article, and nothing in anything 
you have said about it, have indicated the relevance of that article in
establishing an anti-Jonathan reading of 4Q448 if the first word
of B1 is read with a Shin, "song".  My understanding of E. Main's
article, via C. Batsch, is that it deals entirely with an argument
based on a reading of the first word of B1 with Ayin.  Since this
has never been discussed at all before, and since you have 
publicly charged me by name with an error on this point, I repeat 
my question, which I feel is legitimate and which you
should in fairness give a simple, straight answer to: would you 
state how you can find any conceivable reading of 4Q448 in
which "Jonathan" is regarded negatively in that text, if the
first word of B1 is read with a Shin, as "song"?  

> 	Biblical-style poetry can praise God and condemn an enemy.
> 	But, again, rather than a long exchange on subjects mostly that we
> have discussed before, I invite and commend reading E, Main on 4Q448.
Greg Doudna

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