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RE: orion-list Essenes, Zias article, etc.

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Dear Leo,

Thanks for your response.  There is undoubtedly enough frustration and anger
over the delay in publication to go around; however, I believe that de Vaux
died in the early 70's before the delay emerged as an issue.  While the
subjectivity of the scholars is an interesting sidelight to understanding
the history of the development of scholarship, academic discussion needs to
rise and fall on the merits of the ideas and not how they developed.  I tend
to favor Shiffman's approach to the social description of the people
responsible for the scrolls as the result of the work that I have done on 1
Enoch and the priestly tradition; however, I like to hear Stephan's
tenacious arguments for the Essene hypothesis because they make me stop and

David Suter
Saint Martin's College

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> Dear David,
> I accept your criticism. I should not have used the 
> expression 'the good
> father.'
> I must confess to you, however, that whenever I come across 
> his name, I
> am reminded of the fact that it was he and the members of his 
> team, who
> refused to make public many of the manuscripts that should 
> have been made
> available to everyone   and that this is my way of 
> restraining myself and
> not thinking any other thought about this otherwise distinguished
> scholar.
> Leo Abrami
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