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Re: orion-list Essenes, Zias article, etc. - Correction

Oops!  I looked at the wrong line in the table in coming up with the 
following.  The correct values are:

Isfiya:  62.47 kg, 2.933 talents.

It is the Qumran hoard which was 7.8 kg, 0.366 talents.  The grand total of 
5.06 talents is correct.  After Isfiya, no hoard seems to have weighed more 
than about 0.53 talents.

<<Regarding my belief that some of the treasures are much exaggerated, I 
estimated the total weight to be 302.469 talents of gold and 2,304.6188 
(sorry about the decimal places, but you'll see why) talents of silver.  Of 
the gold, 300 talents is a single treasure--an impossibly huge amount, in my 
opinion--and the silver treasures include one of 900 talents, one of 600, and 
one of 400.  Most of the others are fractions of a single talent.  The 
largest shekel hoard, Isfiya, weighed about 7.8 kg, or about 0.366 talents, 
and the total weight of all 39 hoards that I studied came to 5.06 talents.>>


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