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Copper Scroll (was Re: orion-list Essenes, Zias article, etc.

Dear Robert D. Leonard Jr.,

	Thanks for your comments. Detailed evaluation of your article must
await a reading. (Please send the citation to the orion bibliography when
available.) I will be interested to read, for instance, which items you
propose match Josephus text. Lefkovits may be right about the karsh
proposal, but this IMO is not certain, rather, a matter under discussion.
Again you asserted that only the temple and not Essenes could have the
amount you calculate. But that assertion is not self-evident. Long-lasting
ascetic groups sometimes amass great wealth. Again you did not convey why
to assume that none of the coin hoards you discuss can have been Essene. If
you have no opinion on the Greek letters, and allow a possible long period
of deposits (and also removals?), then my proposal, which incidently
reduces the total, may be worth considering. In any case, I assume that
there is more to learn about this text.

best wishes,

Stephen Goranson

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