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Re: orion-list "Doers of War" - Qumran Sectarians

> Dear Sigrid Peterson:
> As Americans will sometimes say, "You crack me up!"
> 1) In an earlier email I CLEARLY indicated the co-dependent
> existence even the PERMANENTLY celibate DSS males most
> likely had with women as house mates (tent mates), or as 
> auxiliary groups of "WIDOWS" in the next tent over.  Women made
> housework easier, and males made the lives of women more
> secure.  
[. . .]

Did you miss "With tongue firmly in cheek?" I was as one-sided in
reporting my own work as yours, for effect. My apologies if you took
offense at misrepresenting your position.

All the best, 
Sigrid Peterson  UPenn  petersig@ccat.sas.upenn.edu
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