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Re: orion-list Scriptorium & Eisenman

David Suter:

Thank you for the clarifications on behalf of Dr. Kraft.

I understand much better now.  Thank you for helping out
with my inaccurate impression of what he was emphasizing.

George Brooks
Tampa, FL

On Mon, 6 Dec 1999 21:35:32 -0800 "Suter, David" <dsuter@stmartin.edu>
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> Subject: Re: orion-list Scriptorium & Eisenman
> Dr. Robert Kraft:
> Back in October you wrote:
> > Sorry, Jim, you have missed my point. I'm quite familiar with 
> > Eisenman's  views, but I don't think he has written on the 
> TEXT in the  DSS, > which is what the Scriptorium conference is all
> about. If he has  made > contributions to TEXTUAL study (i.e. 
> Biblical
> Text), I'd like to  know  about them. He has tended to be concerned
> more with historical > reconstruction and the interpretation of the
> various (mostly  non-biblical) fragments, not with TEXTUAL work
> as such. Or am I missing something?
> > 
> > Bob
> >  
> Dr. Kraft, have you read Robert Eisenman's THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS AND
> THE FIRST CHRISTIANS ?  This book seems to be PACKED FULL of New
> Testament analysis.  But perhaps I am not completely familiar with 
> what
> you mean with TEXTUAL WORK or ANALYSIS.  I'd be interested in your
> views on this particular book.  As I've said before, I do not not 
> concur
> with Eisenman's views on the TIMING of the WICKED PRIEST, but it
> is absolutely fascinating how much Eisenman can "pick out" of 
> New Testament text that I believe IS related the the Dead Sea
> Scroll texts that the casual reader wouldn't notice.
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> George,
> You've missed Bob Kraft's point again.  The Biblical text in this 
> case means
> the Hebrew Scriptures (Tanakh), not the New Testament, and the 
> conference
> deals with "text criticism," the study of the transmission of the 
> text of
> the Hebrew Bible on the basis of the manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible 
> found
> at Qumran and their relationship to other types of evidence for the
> transmision of the text of the Hebrew Bible like the MT and the 
> Eisenman is engaged in historical reconstruction, not text 
> criticism, based
> on an entirely different body of material.
> David Suter
> Saint Martin's College
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