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Re: orion-list "Doers of War" - Qumran Sectarians

Dear Sigrid Peterson:

As Americans will sometimes say, "You crack me up!"

1) In an earlier email I CLEARLY indicated the co-dependent
existence even the PERMANENTLY celibate DSS males most
likely had with women as house mates (tent mates), or as 
auxiliary groups of "WIDOWS" in the next tent over.  Women made
housework easier, and males made the lives of women more

2) Peter Brown's work SPECIFICALLY allows that only a PART
of the community's males might have been celibate.  Josephus
is QUITE clear (and so is Hippolytus) that there also communities
of MARRIED couples who lived with others having "property in common."

3) I am thoroughly mystified by your reaction to the idea that 
men CAN'T be warriors if there are women around.  Did you
really mean it that way?

4) A "secret" militia would CERTAINLY keep women in their
midst..... at least when the community OPERATED as a secret

5) Various verses in the New Testament do a pretty good job
explaining how celibate males are to live with women around

6) Are you intrigued by the interesting theory that the common
use of the name Miriam amongst the zealous Jewish families
comes from the Aramaic for "Warrior"?  I'm not basing any hopes
on this theory.  I just thought I would mention it in passing since
it certainly sounds intriguing.

George Brooks
Tampa, FL

On Tue, 7 Dec 1999 20:17:55 -0500 (EST) petersig@ccat.sas.upenn.edu
(Sigrid Peterson) writes:
> With tongue planted firmly in cheek, I'm referring to George Brooks's
> justifying a community of celibate males at Qumran by their (?) 
> literature
> and its warlike references, and my forthcoming article "Caves, 
> Documents,
> Women: Archives and Archivists," which develops evidence about 
> women's
> activities in *other parts of the Dead Sea area at *other times. 
> Do you suppose that the men wrote the war stories and thought of
> themselves as an army of men, and the women simply and quietly and 
> mostly
> invisibly collected what they wrote and stashed it away?
> We *do know that there were women *somewhere in the Land at the same 
> time
> as there were men at Qumran, don't we?  ;^/
> Sigrid Peterson  UPenn  petersig@ccat.sas.upenn.edu
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