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Re: orion-list "Doers of War" - Qumran Sectarians

With tongue planted firmly in cheek, I'm referring to George Brooks's
justifying a community of celibate males at Qumran by their (?) literature
and its warlike references, and my forthcoming article "Caves, Documents,
Women: Archives and Archivists," which develops evidence about women's
activities in *other parts of the Dead Sea area at *other times. 

Do you suppose that the men wrote the war stories and thought of
themselves as an army of men, and the women simply and quietly and mostly
invisibly collected what they wrote and stashed it away?

We *do know that there were women *somewhere in the Land at the same time
as there were men at Qumran, don't we?  ;^/

Sigrid Peterson  UPenn  petersig@ccat.sas.upenn.edu

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