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Re: orion-list Qumran skeletons/gender

Shalom, as for the work of Professor Haas, one of his colleagues at
Hadassa Medical School in the Dept. of Anatomy (Sekeles) and I was asked
to review his article on the cave, something which I normally would not
do, however due to the importance of the find, we reappraised one find
from the sample, that of the crucified man which was from the cave. It
took us 12  typewritten pages just to deal with the mistakes in one
skeleton. Left was right, right was left, one missing tooth was clearly
visible in the radiograph, the cleft palate was not there, the 18 cm.
nail was but 11.5 cms long and so on and so on. So as not to inflict
further embarrassment on a colleague we decided not to deal with the
rest of the sample. Our reappraisal is in IEJ 1985 pp.22-27.  Remember
he worked with Steckoll.....  The reason that we undertook  this
reappraisal was to set the record straight as this find was and still is
one of the most important archaeological finds, in terms of photo
requests, lectures, documentaries, quotes, etc of the last 50 years.
When something is historically so important and so flawed one,  IMHO
should undertake to set the record straight. Read the article and judge
for yourself why this was attempted.



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