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Re: orion-list Qumran skeletons/gender

As the article will come out soon I suggest that we all wait patiently
before drawing any conclusions as I address many of the issues raised by
my colleagues in Denmark.  I would however like to state that Taylor's
article which I praised in my Boston lecture is almost encyclopedic in
it's depth and coverage of the topic.

One has in a certain sense to 'straddle' the fence in terms of
understanding the issues at hand here. As for the ht. issue, Jewish
women from 5 sites were  randomly selected,  the average was but 148
cms!  Not one even approach 160 cms.  The range of heights from these 5
randomly  selected cemeteries  was 144.92-154.32 cms. The resexed
material (femalefrom Qumran was 159, 160 and 163 cms. Colleagues
frequently will disagree over sexing but when it comes to hts. we all
use centimeters and the same standard formulae for estimating heights.
As for sexing a skeleton as female because it was large, (sic) not very
scientific, however these were the words of De Vaux.

Joe Zias, Jerusalem

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