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Re: orion-list Qumran skeletons/gender

The news about the skeletons brings up, once again, this old
issue about female remains in and around Qumran.

A close reading of the New Testament would show that even celibate
"holy ones" of Jewish or Jewish Christian orientation could treat women
folk as "mothers" and as "sisters".  This would obviously solve TWO
problems for these saintly communities:  (1) co-ed households provided
protection for female relations and (2) the women provided food and
house-keeping support for the male HOLY ONES.

Except for the relatively small numbers of Essenes that were dedicated
to a MONASTIC style of living (not necessarily ONLY at Qumran, and,
equally possible, at many places EXCLUDING Qumran), I would be
dreadfully surprised to see any unusual pattern of few female burials.

Females and males NEEDED each other then, even if celibacy was
encouraged and/or required.

George Brooks
Tampa, FL

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