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Re: SV: orion-list Prof. Goranson's "DOERS" - A MACCABEAN EVIDENCE?

Henry Parker's point about "healing" those outside the sect is
a good one.  In the DSS material and in the N.T., there is a
frequent reference to HEALING in a way that sounds more
like spiritual salvation.

Perhaps the name Therapeutae for the Egyptian mystic group
is MORE about HEALING THE SOUL than it is about healing
someone's body.  After all, when they weren't working, they
were in their private apartment chapels.... not exactly what a
physician is supposed to do to earn the name THERAPIST.

George Brooks
Tampa, FL

On Thu, 18 Nov 1999 21:50:36 -0500 hcp07@Juno.Com writes:
> Mr. Frederick Cryer, the strict cleanliness of the sect of the 
> Scrolls had more than a lackadaisical approach to the prevention of 
> having to heal. The adherence to the Spartan rules of the sect were 
> meant to prevent illnesses of any sort; the healing seems always to 
> be implied to those outside the sect, ( i.e., those who did not 
> practice the Laws of the sect) . Healing does not seem to be their 
> main concern: only the End-times and all that lead up to it are the 
> worries of the day.
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