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Re: orion-list Prof. Goranson's "DOERS" - A MACCABEAN EVIDENCE?

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George wrote:

> As I mentioned earlier, it is the MILITARY aspect of the DSS community
> structure that seems to be the DEFINING element of that society.... all
> elements are PERFECTLY in tune with a secret military society.

No doubt that the only secret was the MEMBERSHIP in a militant POLITICAL
organization which tactics to realize its strategic aims were just as known
to the contemporaries as we knew the strategy of the former Vietcong.
Moreover, we see the clear tendency to come to regular military organization
forms, at least in the battle rules of the War Scroll. That means, a sāv'-ā
(an army) of the yachad must have operated by using regular tactics within a
liberated zone (e.g., haGalil). Otherwise we talk about nightmares of
militant spinners.

NB. If we develop a secret GUERILLA scenario in the Maccabaean age, we have
to reduce ourselves on the closed 3-year interval between the first military
confrontation on the road from Shechem to the Gophna area 167 BC and the
purification of the Temple 164 BC. That is because the Maccabaean
commander-in-chiefs exclusively made use of regular tactics in the following
INTERNATIONAL stage of war against Seleucid-Syria.
To reach the fragments mentioning Shelamzion & Co. such a bubble scenario
consequently aims at the classical Sleeping Beauty phenomenon of 100 years
or more of passive (literary) coming to terms with the past.

Unfortunately I myself know no scenario that would fit perfectly. But
perhaps we all are doped by the 390 years of 0CD, a mysterious number, not
at least because it is divisible through six (a hidden reference to 65

Best regards,
          Never stop thinking

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