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Re: orion-list Hymns / Music

Good morning, Bob,

You asked:

   >Any evidence of musical "notation" markings in any of the MSS?

Yes, there is, but it's not generally recognized as they are
just little marks, quite unlike the 2nd BCE Greek notational
systems. I spotted some of the older form of tifchas on the Hymn
frags and the older forms of merkas in the Non-Cannonical Psalms.
My photos of Q11Ps are not great; but I think some of the signs
show up there, too.

It's pretty clear that there was a chironomic musical notation
system in use by the late BCE period. The entire set, all 22 of
them, show up in AS MSS centuries later... even the gershai'im.

Incidentally, the rhythym is in the spacing and clumping of "words";
the dynamics in the stress notation.



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