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Re: orion-list Hymns / Music

In this discussion of contemporary music associated with the DSS, it
occurs to me to ask what sort of evidence the Scrolls themselves provide
that musical melodies (not just spoken or even chanted words) were
employed? The little blurb about the compositions of David in one of the
Psalm rolls speaks of "songs" that presumably were "sung." And there are
the ascribed titles "songs of the sage" and "songs of the sabbath
sacrifice," but is it clear what is meant by "songs" or "singing"?  Are
there any other such references or clear mentions of melodies? Any
evidence of musical "notation" markings in any of the MSS?  (Philo's
Therapeutae are described as creating various harmonious melodies and
singing/performing them, but Philo does not say this about his Essenes, if
I'm remembering rightly.) 


and incidentally, it is Ms (not Mr) Sigrid Peterson.

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