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Re: orion-list Hymns / Music

Mr. Sigrid Peterson,......Great information. I hope to obtain a recording
of the event and anything else that goes along with the music of the
Hymns. Do you know if anyone has put an original tune in English to any
of the translated Hymns? As I read the Hymns in Verme's English, I hear (
or perhaps feel)  modern Folk Music such as some of Dylan's early work.
And as the DSS state, members of the Community recited or chanted(sung)
Hymns of their own work: original" words and music" as BMI calls it. Do
you think they sang or chanted individual Hymns  during their daily work
routines, much the same way as modern musicians must sing and learn new
material on their non-musical day jobs? Even though the theme of total
abandonment to God is not in all our contemporary Folk Music, the
overiding burdens of the day are included much like the Hymns of the DSS.
   Thanks and Peace,  Henry Parker  
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