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Re: orion-list Hymns / Music

The very next paragraph of the description of the closing ceremonies of
the International Congress on the Dead Sea Scrolls Fifty Years after Their
Discovery gives the following information about the contents, noting that 
excerpts from the Hodayot (Thanksgiving Scrolls) were included.

------------------------QUOTED MATERIAL-------------------------------

In this mystical setting, I couldn't help but wonder, if the
hundreds of scholars assembled in Qumran that evening, listening
together to passages from Pesher Habakkuk, the War between the Sons
of Light and the Sons of Darkness, the Rule of the Community,
Apocryphal Psalms and the Thanksgiving Scrolls brought alive by the
music, were, after hours of painstaking study over every letter and
word, perhaps hearing the texts for the first time.

---------------------	END QUOTED MATERIAL  -------------------------

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