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Re: orion-list Hymns / Music

According to Henry Parker:
> Dean Kampen, would you elaborate  a little more about the musical
> composition for the Hymns; Isreal's 50th.  Are there any recordings and
> can they be purchased?  

I think there were recordings available of the music at the Gift Shop at
the Qumran National Park in Israel.

> Also, who did the composing of the music?  Peace,
>  Henry Parker 

The following is a program note for Michael Wolpe (related to Stefan,
does anyone know?) and his composition for the International Congress held

-------------QUOTED MATERIAL---------------------------------
                    Based on selected text from the Dead Sea
                    Scrolls, a special, musical composition,
                    commissioned by the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
                    in celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of
                    the discovery of the scrolls was performed by
                    the Caprizma Chamber Ensemble, the Liron Choir
                    with soloists, Mira Zakai and Ofer Halaf. This
                    nine-part composition, incorporating Yigal
                    Yadin's famous speech and a recording of the
  [Image]           poetess Lea Goldberg's readings from her Songs
                    of the Land I Love, produced an eerie blend of
                    classical and Middle Eastern harmonies,
                    resonating through the hills around us and
                    carried by the wind back into the desert. The
                    inspiration for the piece came from the
                    scrolls' texts themselves, and the composer
                    Michael Wolpe, describes his creation as an
                    exhilarating experience, drawing from the
                    Qumran texts which took on new meanings for
                    him and connected to todays' realities.

-----------------------------END QUOTED MATERIAL---------------------

I don't have the program book from the final program handy, but perhaps
someone else does. That would be where the contents of the piece were 
specified. As I recall, Wolpe's composition did include at least one hymn
from the Dead Sea Scrolls, but whether it was from the Hodayot or not I
don't know.

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