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Re: orion-list The "Angel" Scroll

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Sent: Sunday, October 31, 1999 4:00 AM
Subject: orion-list The "Angel" Scroll

> Opening of the Scroll fragment:

Thanks, Donald!

> QUOTE: #1
>  To Yehoshua bar-Pediyah, the Cohen:
>  The Holy One.[...]...from [...] ..Ein Eglatin, which is upon Mt Makur

Perfect address, isn't it? - an innovation? Swiss post code?

> QUOTE #2
> [...] And the Angel [Pnimea?]  said unto me: Son of Man, lift up your
eyes, and
> behold all the Secrets [which I shall show you]: [those things which are
in the
> first gate, which is the gate of the] ...[those things which are in the
> gate, which is the gate of the...] ... [those things which are in the
> gate, which is the gate of the...] ...[those things] that are in the
> gate, which is [called] the Gate of Birth. And I beheld, and lo, it was
> unto a Womb, and the [drains?]  of the Stomach, [and I beheld] how its
> gush and roar like the breakers of the sea upon the wall of the cave,
which is
> unable to withstand its Fury.

Sounds somehow Valentian, especially the four Ur-conditions. The text refers
to Gate four - the Gate of Birth, relevant for the understanding of the
following 'flood' message:

> And behold, here is the [very] Seed of Life in the water which emanates
> [both] the Seed of the Man, and from the Seed of the Woman, for [as it is
> written] Male and Female Created He Them.  And [behold] the Seed which is
> fact] the Union of Two Seeds is like a [slate with writing on both sides]
: for
> it is written inside and out, and has in it [the Keys of ] Understanding
> Knowledge [which exist] even before the moment of its Creation, yea even
> its Appearance in the Womb: for the Beginning of [the life of a foetus?]
is not
> in the act of Birth, nor is [the beginning] in the act of Conception, nor
> it end in Death... [...]

Two make one (Valentian), but here two merely define two sides of the one,
(pseudo-Valentian? 300BC? / cf. the collective birth myth in 1QH)
Preexistent Binah/Da'at connection.
The rest (at least in the 'foetus'-lacuna) sounds like Karol Woytyla's
important commandment to the German bishops based upon the encyclica humanae
vitae -
retreat from the consultation of pregnancy -  merely a few days before the
launch of the above scroll.

> QUOTE #3
> [...] According to [what hath been written] to occur on that Day. And the
> went forth towards me, and directed m[e] and he drave me by the Spirit:
and a
> Vision was revealed unto me, from the Most High [and from] [Pancimeia?]
> Prince of the [Watchers] and he lifted me up in the Spirit, and I began to
> ascend Heavenwards, above the high places of the clouds, and [behold] he
> me the [ends] of the Earth, and the Image of the Elohim. And I pondered
> appearance round about [me] and there [existed there] no [conception of]
Tme or
> Place and their appearance [from the dwelling places of] light [was like
unto] a
> rainbow, which is in the Clouds [above].

A common known theme in the Gnosis and elsewhere, but here it reminds me
I don't know why!) on the famous inspiration of the Wizard of Oz :
Somewhere, over the rainbow... the nucleus of light in the conception-less
brain of the dwarf-like wizard.

> And [behold] they had no [physical] bodies, and no bodily [substance?] and
> Dominion of Darkness was upon the whole earth, round about... [...]

The spiritual jump from rainbow imagery to scheme-like images of the Elohim
surrounded by darkness is remarkable but illogical.


A few points for creativity, the pious message and the tactical conception
of hiding already revealed things...
Better spend the money on malt whisky, for even if I'm wrong with the text
(sorry!) I'm right with the whisky.

Hick'n cheers
          Never stop dr/th/inking

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