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Re: orion-list Sunday Times article on 'new scroll'

Sorry to come in on this discussion rather late ...

I have in front of me an actual cutting of the Sunday Times article
(rather than the Web edition). While the text is no different, the
article does include a graphic, inset into which is a photograph of a
column (+75% extant text) of a scroll with the wording "Scroll contains
a mixture of Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic, with concepts similar to the
Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament." My question (for anyone who has
the cutting) is if this is an actual photograph of part of the Angel
Scroll? I was under the impression that there were no photographs of the
scroll and that no scholars had been able to see the real thing.
Moreover, this is only one part of a column, whereas the article
references '1,000 lines of mixed text'.

I suspect, then, that the photograph is of one of the Dead Sea Scrolls
themselves - in which case the graphic is rather misleading - but the
photograph is too small for any text to be identified. Can anyone
confirm whether I am correct in this assumption?

Many thanks,

Marcus Wood
Department of Theology
Durham University
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