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Re: orion-list Sunday Times article on 'new scroll'

At 12:19 PM 11/8/99 -0500, Henry Parker wrote:
>Dr. Pinnick, thank you for the information on the "Thanksgiving Hymns"
>and I will study the suggested readings. If I am unable to attend the
>symposium in January, how can I obtain a manuscript or any form of copy
>about the proceedings? 

Abstracts will be posted on our web site, as I receive them, probably in
December. Around January, I will start posting unedited pre-publication
drafts of some of the papers.

>Also, will any of the Hymns or Poems be chanted or
>sung at the symposium?   Peace, Henry Parker   HCP07@juno.com  

Only if you manage to get a bottle of Scotch into our director.... 

Serious answer: performance of the hymns is not likely to be on the program.


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