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Re: orion-list Sunday Times article on 'new scroll'

On Sun, 7 Nov 1999 Henry Checkon wrote:

> I have some questions, why are the "Thanksgiving Hymns" not as important
> as any other DSS material? The Angel scroll is nothing compared to the
> Hymns. Some of the hymns are first person and not visionary or angelic as
> the Angel Scroll suggest. I hear music in the Hymns but I hear nothing
> from the Angel Scroll that strikes the universal tone of music. Why isn't
> the music of the Scrolls being studied"? And if it is, how can I help?  
> Peace, Henry  

The Thanksgiving Hymns have been studied extensively. Check Eileen
Schuller's entries on our bibliography. Our director, Esther Chazon, has
written a great deal on the hymns and liturgy of Qumran. In fact, prayer
and poetry at Qumran is the subject of this year's international Orion
symposium, to be held in January.


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