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Re: orion-list Sunday Times article on 'new scroll'

> I thought folks might be interested to see this article in the Sunday Times
> about the 'new scroll' (watch the wrap):
> http://www.sunday-times.co.uk/news/pages/sti/99/11/07/stifgnmid01001.html?99
> 9

I see a lot of fantastic claims, nothing more.  A few questions I 
would like to ask:

1. What exactly is a "mixed text"?
2. Who is supposed to have carbon dated it and where is the data?
3. Yeshua is Hebrew for Jesus - so what?  It says Yeshua ben 
Padiah.  Yeshua was a fairly common name, who the heck is 
Padiah supposed to be?
4. Even assuming the story of its discovery is true, why was this 
one scroll clear across the Dead Sea from the others?
5. Why doesn't somebody just publish this thing so the rest of us 
can evaluate it, instead of relying on all this sensationalistic 

I can't say I have high hopes for this "find."

Dave Washburn
"But what about the muffler bearings?"
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