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Re: orion-list Criteria for Subscription Only

On Sun, 17 Oct 1999, Dave Washburn wrote:
> Hmm, can you say "overreact"?  The gist that I got was that the list 
> owners want to know who we are, that's all.  I've seen a wide array 
> of viewpoints expressed here and haven't seen any particular bias 
> against "unqualified" views or posters.  The list owners are perfectly 
> within their rights to ask us to identify ourselves, so I really don't 
> get what the gripe is.  I don't have a problem telling Orion who I am 
> and what my interest in the field is; do you?

The Orion list has always welcomed a range of views and posters, as long
as the discussion stays more or less close to the Dead Sea Scrolls and
associated literature, deals with scholarly issues (i.e., not modern-day
prophecies or UFOs) and the tone is civil. Our rules for posting are on
the web site (http://orion.mscc.huji.ac.il/discussion.shtml).
Non-academics and anyone with an interest in the Scrolls are welcome to
subscribe. The main reason for my changing the subscription procedures is
because we were getting some of the folks from alt.prophecies.nostradamus
who have quite a different agenda. Also, from time to time people are
removed from the list and they've simply been resubscribing under new


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