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Re: orion-list orion Royal House of Adiabene

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Sigrid  wrote:
> One of the objections to Eisenman is that (like Thiering), much of what he
> writes is off-topic for the Orion list.

The equalization is somewhat unfair.

> Most of the people portrayed in the NT, particularly in the Gospels, were
> in fact Jews, or Jewish followers of Jesus.

There's no difference at all.

>We have no accounts of the
> people of Antioch who called themselves Christians, only Luke, in the book
> of Acts, calling followers of Jesus "people of the Way."

The Pauline community in the former capital of Seleucid Syria was the centre
of Christian activities in the Lukan sense of the term.

> Many of the Jews portrayed in the NT had Greek rather than Hebrew names,
> however, which is the source of some confusion.

Simply because NT was (and still is) directed to a hellenized auditorium.

> The royal house of Adiabene, including the mother, Helen, and the son(s?)
> Izates and Monobasis, converted to Judaism, as recorded by Josephus and
> remembered in the Mishna. I am not aware of any documentation that they
> (then) became Christians. Are you? Is Eisenman?

The royal house of Adiabene, a Parthian satrapy between Mesopotamia and
Media Atropatene which became a front state in the 1st c. CE, converted, if
we may believe our sources, to Judaism. But surely not to hellenized,
pro-Roman Judaism favored by the High Priest of the enemy Roman Province of
Syria, for that would have caused a military action of the Parthian King of
Kings. Perhaps we better should speak of anti-Roman/"Jamesian" Judaism in
connection with the conversion of Helena, who's sons acted as
 "revolutionary" war-volunteers in the 1st Jewish war; i.e. a Parthian
military contingent behind the Roman frontline.

> Hindley:
> > or of the influence of the Herodian style
> > of religious observance on Paul's teachings. Yet these are thematic in
> > Eisenman's book _James_. We need more of that kind of thing, in my
> > opinion.
> Peterson:
> I do not have my copy of Eisenman's JAMES with me; does he indeed say
> those things you've attributed to him?

... not in the literal, but in the political figurative sense.

Best regards,
Tactics are only a very small part of warfare.
                                -  Xenophon, Memorabilia

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