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Re: orion-list Re: more about Radiocarbon

On Sun, 17 Oct 1999 11:44:42 -0700, ajtjull@physics.arizona.edu writes:
>I will try to respond to Greg's and Tom Simm's comments.
>Greg Doudna wrote:
   [... snip ... noted ...]

>Tom Simms calculated a mean for these data of 1941+/-31 radiocarbon yrs BP.  
>By doing this we assume all these samples date the same "event".  Let us assume
>for the moment this is true.

   I just realized I was calculating at cross purposes.  Sorry, I was trying
   to make things simpler.  I wasn't.

   [... snip ... noted ...]

>The best thing would be to have sufficient data to resolve a distribution of
>ages and one might be able to determine this from such results.  However, I
>should point out (again) that there are some small fluctuations in the
>calibration of the time period of interest and this may prevent us resolving
>very small age differences.

   This "either or" answer seems to leave even further testing difficult.
   Some day we must review this issue.  Before that, we need to review the
   Journal article.  I suspect we may be at sixes and nines.

Tom Simms
>Thanks, Tim
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