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Re: orion-list Criteria for Subscription Only

Dear Orion Associates,

As you can see, the "powers" have decided that the Orion email
list is on the verge of spinning out of control with ... perhaps....
unqualified "users" offering their .... perhaps.... insufficiently
learned opinions.  Or is this just about keeping "banned"
contributors from sneaking back on?  I really don't know.

Indeed, I may well fit into the category of "unduly ignorant." If I
get "screened out" let me offer you my farewells now.

I encourage fellow DSS enthusiasts to put my email addresses
in your address book.  I will always enjoy hearing the latest views.

My areas of interest include
1)  the Maccabean influence on the DSS,
2)  New Testament correlations to the DSS matrix, and
3) the organizational continuity of the DSS community or communities
into the Islamic era.

I have enjoyed the information shared in this forum and hope that
the new "subscription only" criteria allow for some laymen, such as
myself, to have access to the "global mind" on the scrolls.

George Brooks
Tampa, Florida
Work:  George.X.Brooks@LMCO.com
Home:  George.X.Brooks@JUNO.com

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